Daniel Dreifort

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San Diego, CA

2005 - Present fficient - www.fficient.com

SEO & Usability Consulting and Training

  • Lead teams at three agencies to increase client sales via UX content experiments, community/link building and innovative white-hat SEO efforts with a finger on the pulse of the entire goal conversion trail and other meaningful analytics metrics
  • Provide timely, influential reporting, tying actual sales to specific organic phrases when possible, empowering the modern organization to make savvy ROI-based budgeting decisions on the fly

Case studies:

Mid-market furniture brand

Designed and executed search engine and site optimization strategy resulting in:

  • Dramatically improved sales from organic search results in a 24 month period from zero to $900,000
  • Subsequent 12 month period increased to $2.3 million in sales from organic search results and then $4 million in the following 12 month period
  • Disinvestment from paid search contributing to 31% margin improvement

Premium hospitality brand in Hawaii

Despite macroeconomic forces that created considerable headwinds for the hospitality industry (global financial meltdown), my SEO work with this hotelier resulted in:

  • Organic, non-paid search visits up 181% over a 4 year period despite direct visits and referral visits decreasing 29% and 8% respectively over same period
  • Page views from organic, non-paid search visits up 306% while page views from direct visits decreased 4% and pageviews from referral visits increased only 12% over same period
2000 - 2016 Hocking College - www.hocking.edu

Consultant, E-Business Program Advisory Board

  • Contributed to the expansion and curriculum of one of the first higher education Internet business programs

Adjunct Professor, Artist Management (2010)

  • Enriched curriculum by regularly video conferencing with industry experts to provide real-world perspective for students
2001 - 2007 Eden Marketing - www.edenmarketing.com

Production Manager

  • Supervised online content & application development, routinely ahead of schedule and under budget

Case study:

Snider, Fuller & Stroh

Designed custom payment processing system governing $850,000 in annual employee investment contributions

  • This software allowed participating organizations to cut a single check instead of managing individual payments to each of 16 fund carriers
  • Increased efficiency by automating recurring processes and streamlining the user interface which enabled multiple generalists
  • Delivered more meaningful data in one tenth the time through dynamic reporting
1996 - 2005FrogNet - www.frognet.net

Vice President, Business Development & Marketing (1999 - 2005)

  • Launched and coordinated DSL reseller network, increasing points of sale more than tenfold
  • Composed and analyzed customer surveys resulting in increased customer retention through improved services
  • Cultivated numerous strategic partnerships resulting in new product offerings, additional revenue streams, increased customer satisfaction, drastically reduced expenses and decreased customer/support interaction

Director, Board of Trustees (2000 - 2002)

  • Engineered accountability metrics for management staff based on results instead of actions
1998 - 2002Athens News - www.athensnews.com


  • Transformed weekly column into a "must read." Circulation increased over 5% during tenure while almost all newspapers experienced heavy readership losses


  • Tight technical and creative writer
  • Wealth of communication, team, management, and self-management expertise
  • Fast learner willing to go beyond Googling to quickly dissolve hurdles
  • Data-driven student of the, "Don't Make Me Think" school of usability
  • Diverse techie creds (HTML, CSS, Adobe, MySQL, etc.)
  • Breadth of experience allows seamless interdepartmental communication


B.A. Philosophy, Ohio University



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